The company that brings your dream cosmetics into reality
Willing to Use
Appealing its original beauty as the product itself
Used Continuously
Customers will not be able to stop using the product due to its great texture and function
Renowned Worldwide
Improving your brand value through acknowledged quality
Biostandard tries to develop the products that can touch people’s heart while providing
convenience to customers through a collaboration of its original technology and cosmetic sensibility.
Biostandard started out as a meeting of people who have backgrounds in research and development of biomedical field. However, the group had a bigger interest in developing a practical technology to enrich our lives than working on developing transcendental technology that cannot be selected. Among various industrial fields, Cosmetic industry attracted us as it can immediately provide convenience to human lives and touch their hearts through a collaboration of technology and sensibility, and we have made tremendous progress by experiencing various parts of cosmetic industry thus far – including the R&D, manufacture, and brand management of the ingredient material and its prescription. We are currently developing a solution to provide the “high-end” and “the only cosmetics” through coordination of information asymmetry, while providing our finished products to companies in and out of the country.
Establishment of Biostandard Inc. & Starting of Cosmetics development on raw ingredient subject and prescription
Launched our cosmetics brand along with its raw ingredients Began export to Mobicon Group Limited in Hong Kong
Became an official sponsor of KSA (Korea Ski Association), providing functional skin care products
Attracted investments from Solborn Investment Inc.
Released various special prescription and effective raw materials for cosmetics
Attracted investments from IICOMBINED2 Inc. Sponsored PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games
Entitlement of the articles and studies on Puritox Registered and gained numerous intellectual property rights
Launched our platform for online cosmetics R&D and manufacture (Beta-stage)
The Biostandard Team turns our brand companies’ dream into reality. Our team consists of professionals and experts from fields such as research and development of the raw ingredients and materials, prescription, manufacture, quality control, SCM, and much more (including branding, marketing, and design). We develop a solution to coordinate information asymmetry between brand companies and manufacturers. And through our exquisite teamwork, we are able to provide cosmetic products renowned in global market, with a great quality and originality.
Management, New Businesses Plan and Realization
WJ.Kim Technical Director
Management Support, Head of Technology Division, Patent Attorney, Doctor of Dental Medicine and Specialist
SJ.Ahn. Foreign Cooperation
Sponsorship and Foreign Investment/Cooperation
JH.Yun. R&D
Head of Research and Development
YJ.Lee. Brand Communication
In Charge of Customer Service
SCM and Corporate System Establishment
TE.Kim. Raw Materials Development
Head of Raw Materials Development
JS.Kim. Branding and Marketing
R&D on Branding
SH.Kwon. Prescription Development
R&D on New Prescriptions and Manufacturing
DS.Moon. Research and Administration
Purchase and Manufacturing
HY.Jo. Management Support
Accounting, Administration, and Corporate System Establishment
HJ.Kim. Design
Design and Development of Cosmetic Container and Subsidiary Materials
JS.Kim. Quality Control
Analysis, Quality Control, and Development of New Prescriptions
MJ.Sung. Prescription Development
Research and Development on New Prescriptions
JS.Jeong. PM
UX/UI Design and Contents Development
DM.Yoo. Advisor
Branding, Design, and Contents
WJ.Bae. Pharmacist
Consultation on Drugs (Medical Supplies), Quasi-Drugs
KH.Ryoo. Doctor of Korean Medicine
Consultation on Drugs (Medical Supplies), Quasi-Drugs, and Natural Substances