Solving with Communication, Coordination,
and Professional Technology
Biostandard develops and manufactures products by coordinating information asymmetry and expanding its cosmetic supply solutions. We maximize our business operation efficiency by adequately organizing every complex value chain related to a new product development and manufacturing process. We do not hesitate to communicate with our partners for mutual understanding while adjusting multiple companies accordingly. And we make the value of “High-End, The Only Cosmetics” worth it by practicing our know-hows on putting raw ingredients and prescription into the creative plans of our brand companies.
Consultation on Branding and Strengthening New Product Development
We enhance the appeal of a product by strengthening the mood and concept after reviewing, revising, and improving the new product development plan of our customer brand companies.

Development of Realtime Formula to Contain Emotion - (Fomula Thinking®)
We develop a formula that customers are willing to use by developing a product with sensibility. We design a new prescription and develop a new raw ingredient to achieve this goal. Start experiencing the process where your sample formula is transformed with fragrant, beautiful, and custom-made texture.
Effective Project Management to see developing and manufacturing process at once
We provide clear and predictive cosmetic manufacturing information to help our customers understand and control the manufacturing and development process.
New Prescription Design and Raw Ingredients Development for Each Product
From harvesting natural substances, using those raw ingredients to research and develop, and up to

developing unique cosmetics for our customer brands only, Biostandard enhances the value of your brand and products.

MGAT (MG Appropriate Technology)

MG Appropriate Technology Center, located in Laos, is a Biostandard’s partner farm for the cosmetic raw ingredients. The center supports Laos’s farming community to become independent through its appropriate technology.

Matching the Optimized Manufacturer to Plan Your Product Launch
Biostandard’s unique prescription and raw materials developed for each customer company is transferred to the best fit manufacturer, to produce the final products after a curation procedure.
Document Care
We support our customer companies to receive certification and facilitate distribution.